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ABC Trucks and Trailers specializes in the manufacture of custom food trucks, catering trucks, craft services trailers, and a large variety of mobile kitchens. ABC is your source for mobile food vehicles, carts & trailers, parts and service. With unsurpassed experience in the mobile food, catering truck, trailer and hot dog cart manufacturing industry, ABC has made its mark in the Food Truck manufacturing industry. Design, function & efficiency are what separates us from the rest.

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ABC Trucks and Trailers has served customers nationwide and has over fourteen years of experience in the restaurant industry. We are located in Kissimmee, Florida. We help every customer to design their dream Mobile Food Vending vehicle and to deliver only state of the art products.

Custom Fabrication

Do you have in mind a cart to meet your expectations? We are ready to make it for you! Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to make it happen from the beginning to the end.
Customer satisfaction is our goal.


New to the Business? This is a very good opportunity to start your own business. This is an investment with a high margin return, and best of all you become your own boss. Do not hesitate any more and give us a call to design your truck to meet your needs. Financing is available.

Inspections and Licensing

For your convenience we assist you in the Licensure paperwork when buying a truck directly from us. (License costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer). In addition to the manufacturing of specialty Food Trucks, ABC Trucks and Trailers can also set you up with a great commissary services.


When you buy with us you can be assure you have purchase a quality food truck. We use first quality stainless steel and durable materials. Every truck we sale is designed to last decades of work.
Non-Toxic materials are implemented in the fabrication of every food Truck


When you buy with us you can be assure you have purchase a quality truck with a peace of mind that only ABC Trucks and Trailers can offer.
Our products come with one year warranty for parts and labor.